Helping you keep records on time and in the field. 


Our Beginning.

We had first hand, in the field, experience trying to keep spray records in excel and through online software. We quickly realized that keeping up to date, accurate records with the weather was really difficult, sometimes even impossible. 


“I really believe that farmers can do what they love and have an enjoyable life.”

— Christopher Wray, FOUNDER


Use a program not married to a chem company.

We wanted to use a program we had at our farm in Pasco, but the chemicals supported on the other software weren't supported. If we wanted to use that software, we would have to switch chemical suppliers and spend hundreds of dollars more each year in pesticides.



Our Mission.

Helping farmers focus on what they love.



of farmers have a revenue of less than $350,000 every year.


of revenue generated from farms is raised in large and corporate farms.


of farms generate almost half of all the revenue generated in farming in America.


Serving small to mid-sized farms.

We exist to serve small and medium sized farmers in America. We want to help you reach your specific goals at a price that you can afford.

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Invest in America.

Are you a farmer and understand the need for our software? Join us and help make the app available. For every $1000 invested, we will give you and your team 5 years of pro as well as specific rights to join our product development advising team. We will work with you to develop software that helps your specific needs. 

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